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Here you can find more information about different chamber music and other projects of Johann Blanchard.


Johann Blanchards own performing means little to him if he does not have the opportunity to share the enthusiasm that music inspires in him. Accordingly, his teaching commitments include instruction at the Schwerin Conservatory and the "Friedrich von Flotow" Music School.

The guys behind ”The Glitz”, Daniel Nitsch and Andreas Henneberg, are releasing their first album together on their label ”Voltage Musique Records”. With 14 Tracks in total, the result of the last two years of common studio work can be heard.

Duo - Paolo Mendes/Johann Blanchard


The classical repertoire for French horn and piano, works by composers banned during the Nazi era, as well as contemporary music and rare pieces for French horn all form a basis for the richly diverse chamber music work and friendship of up-and-coming musicians Paolo Mendes and Johann Blanchard.

Driven by curiosity and their love of music, they are on a constant quest for new compositions and musical opportunities for this rather unusual but highly appealing pairing of the duo category.

The French horn’s imposing and powerful but at the same time remarkably warm tones and the piano’s comprehensive body of sound form a symbiosis that lets the audience discover a new sonic world.

They have already performed together in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, and at festivals including the Europäisches Klassikfestival Ruhr and the Gezeitenkonzerte.

Marten Pankow and Johann Blanchard



Piano and electronics. Mechanically, in parts, but always with an organic feel, the two musicians effortlessly move back and forth between techno, house, jazz, and classic music. Their joint performance features both improvisations as much as their own compositions – experimental material, but with a fondness for club music. Let them take you on an aural trip.

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