Chamber Music

by Frederic Chopin

Rlelease 20.9.2019

Published by MDG

Molique Trio.jpg

Piano Trios

by Bernhard Molique

Release 5.3.2019

Published by MDG

Piano Works

by Georges Bizet

Release 10.7.2017

Published by MDG

Works for Violin, Cello & Piano 

by Cecile Chaminade

Release: 3.4.2017

Published by MDG

Sonata and complete Concert Etudes


by Cecile Chaminade


Release: 26.1.2015


Published by MDG




Rarities of Piano Music Vol.29


"Festival at Schloss vor Husum"

Released 2017

Published by Danacord Records

Piano Works by Chopin,Czerny,Thalberg,Herz,Liszt,Pixis,Buche


Release in Germany: 12.4.2013


Release worldwide: 21.5.2013


Published by MDG


No Drama by The Glitz


Yes Karma 


Release: 20.3.2015


Published by Voltage Musique